Cellular Specialists are New Zealand’s leaders in the installation of Hands Free car kits, Radar and a wide range of other in-vehicle aftermarket electronic devices. 

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Cellular Specialists have lasted the test of time. For over 17 years Cellular Specialists have been installing hands free car kits, proving excellent installation quality and a commitment to outstanding customer service. We have followed the evolution of the hands free car kit from the beginning, so we know the technology through and through. Cellular Specialists have grown to become so much more than installers of hands free systems, and have since expanded our services to include so much more. 


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Installation of car and motorbike radar and laser systems was the next step in the ladder for Cellular Specialists. We have since proven ourselves in this field and install these systems into brand new, top of the line luxury vehicles, some of which cost over $250,000 NZD. This customer trust is something we pride ourselves in and put down to our meticulous and inclusive work method. 

It doesn’t stop there! Cellular Specialists provide quality installation of reversing cameras and sensors, signal amplifiers and antennas for your vehicle or building, GPS navigation systems, and we were recently involved in the largest New Zealand rollout of Lintek Taxi security camera recorders and Tracking units to over 2500 taxi's nationwide! 

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Cellular Specialists are always on the forefront of in-car electronics and when there is a need we research and find a solution. This was shown when the recent issue of taxi and fleet security arose, Cellular Specialists did there homework and now can supply and install two great in-car security products that we are excited about. 

We include you the customer as much as possible in the install process asking you for your preferences and showing you the different install options. This insures we provide a custom and personal touch to every job we do. 

With the ever growing technology of aftermarket in-car electronics, the future for Cellular Specialists is bright! We aim to stay on the forefront of our niche and will continue to stand by our company motto:

“We will not be beaten on Quality” 


We guarantee service nationwide!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us toll free on 0800 862 862.

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Q & A

Q. Why do I need a Hands Free Car Kit?

A. well, it is obvious you have not had the pleasure of using one! A good Car Kit will provide you with comfortable and easy way to have phone conversations with your customers, collegues or friends! With superior quality and ease of use, you will be able to enjoy long conversations safely while driving, or even while parked - without having to hold the phone to your ear!

Q. How much does an installed Hands free Car Kit cost?

A. Installed hands free Car Kit starts from as low as $300 + gst to provide you with the convenience of a superb audio quality and convenience of having a productive call in your car - Do not miss those opportunities! We have soultions for all instances - call us now for details! 

Q. How long does it take to install a hands free system?

A. We allow up to 2 hours for a Standard installation. We offer a mobile service and can arrange to visit your home or office, saving you time and money.


Q. What is a “Hands Free car kit”?

A. With Hands Free Car Kits, you can use your cell phone in your car without taking your hands off the wheel, or your eyes  off the road. These days they predominantly use bluetooth (a wireless connection) to pair with your phone. Click here for services page to learn more.