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Bury CC9045
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Bury CC9045
Item code burycc9045
Brand Bury

This hands-free car kit isn’t visible, as the electronics box, for instance, is installed behind the radio. It can certainly make itself heard though! Thanks to the Bluetooth A2DP protocol, music files which are saved on your mobile phone can be played back in stereo through the speakers in your vehicle. It also goes without saying that the sound quality with telephone calls is superb. This is made possible be the built-in DSP processor that filters out almost all of the driving noise.

  • Wireless Bluetooth connection between mobile phone and hands-free car kit
  • Electronic box can be concealed behind radio or in glove box
  • Perfect voice output thanks to the filtering out of driving noises and the use of vehicle's sound system
  • Playback of music files stored on the mobile phone also via the car's sound system1,2
  • Automatic radio-mute function when calling
  • Access to voice tags stored on mobile phone1
  • Illuminated 3-key cable remote control for safe and convenient operation
  • Straightforward connection of BURY charging cradles (System 9) to the electronic box - car cigarette lighter remains free to use

Installation not included, please call 0800 CAR KIT (227 548), to get an installation price suited to your vehicle. 


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