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Brand Valentine

In 1996 Radar Direct Introduced the Valentine One® into New Zealand. Before this the model was unheard of; and after weeks of testing and customization of the internal software we submitted the product to NZ AutoCar for testing.

The result was that the V1 was rated #1 in NZ up until the end of 2004, by 2005 AUNZ models from Beltronics were snapping at it's heals. For 2008 it remains Largely unchanged but is still a great detector. Today the BEL XR Has definitely knocked it off the top rung offering far greater detection range (more than a kilometre) and a host of additional features and functions. Reviews published by NZ AutoCar and NZ Driver have shown that the
Beltronics engineering powerhouse is sweeping the rest of the industry aside.

Here in New Zealand the radar set used by the Police operates in the upper reaches of the radar spectrum. In North America there is a wide variety of radar equipment in use and as the Valentine One® is designed to cover all the American frequencies in its US Domestic form it's basically hopeless for our frequency set and needs to have software changes made to achieve the best performance standards that we expect from products that we sell. After 11 years Radar Direct offers our own version of the Valentine One that's been fully software modified by us to best suit it's operation in NZ.

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