We can install, remove, service or transfer a range of in car electronic devices.

We offer a Mobile service and can arrange to visit your home or office, saving you time and money.

We guarantee our work and promise to look after you.

Car Kits

At Cellular Specialists we offer a wide range of bluetooth hands free solutions to cater for your needs.

Whether you're a business professional who depends on making and receiving calls in your vehicle every day. Or if you just need to receive the occasional call whilst driving. We have the right car kit for you.

We specialize in fully integrated Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kits, but we also sell a range of high quality clip on sun-visor car kits.

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Integrated bluetooth hands free kits are installed out of sight and a control interface is custom mounted on the dashboard at easy arms reach. There are many different models depending on your needs and budget from a simple control button to a touch screen. Some Car Kits can even synchronize with a iphone, ipod or cellphone playing your music through the cars speakers with no messy wires using bluetooth. 

Most Popular Car kits:


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Custom Bracket 

A Custom Bracket is simply a “No Holes” option. A standard cradle installation requires up to four holes to be drilled into the dashboard in order to sit the bracket and cradle in. The Custom Bracket however is made especially to fit your own car and your preference for the position of the cradle. If you ever change vehicles or Car Kits, the Car Kit is simply removed leaving no trace of it ever being there!

This option is particularly ideal for brand new cars that simply can't be flawed by drilled holes. It is also perfect for lease vehicles as it removes the need for costly repairs when they are returned.

Radio Mute 

A radio mute does exactly that. If your radio is on before a call comes through, the radio will automatically switch off as your phone starts to ring. Likewise when you are finished with the call the radio will switch back on. This option avoids any hassle as there is no rush to quickly adjust your sound settings for a phone call. This feature is available only on certain vehicles. Please phone us to check whether your vehicle will support this feature.

Radio Interface 

A Radio Interface is a feature that allows your phone calls to be played out of one or more of your vehicle speakers. This feature is also only available on certain vehicles, so please phone us to confirm if your vehicle can support a Radio Interface. This is a great option for those who are hard of hearing.

Motorbike bluetooth hands free Solutions 


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Radar Detection and Jammers

Radar Detection and Jammers

Supply and installation of Radar Detectors and or Laser Jammers is just another service we provide at Cellular Specialists.

We can provide a wide range of windshield mounted radar detectors. The Charger lead can be hard wired behind the dash rather than plugged into the cigarette charger, for a cleaner look.

Fully installed Radar Detection and Jammers is rising in popularity and a good example of this is The PASSPORT 9500ci our top seller. This kit combines Radar detection, GPS Filtering and Laser Jammers, the ultimate protection!

A fully installed Radar and Laser set-up provides the ultimate in discreet operation. All sensors are mounted in the front grill and rear license plate area of your vehicle. Interior control modules and displays can be installed in various ways to suit you. The result is no messy cords and no unwanted attention.  

How does a Radar Detector work?  

Radar is very easy to understand if we use a flashlight example. Think of a guard performing his security check at night. From hundreds of meters away we are able to see his progress as he searches back and forth in the dark - yet, the guard can't see us. In fact, the guard can turn the flashlight directly at us and still never see us! Why? Because in order for us to become visible to the guard, there must be sufficient light reflected off of our clothing and returned to his eyes before he can see us. Notice - we can always see the flashlight even though the guard can't see us. That's because we need only a small amount of light from the flashlight to see it in the dark. We have the advantage.

A good radar detector works the same way. From far away and from any direction, a good radar detector can detect the energy from a radar gun, (like the light from the guards flashlight) - but the radar gun will never see us until it is much closer and is aimed directly at us. Again, just like we are able to see a guard's flashlight from a great distance even though he can't see us, a good radar detector has the advantage - we can see the radar gun from any direction and from much farther away before the officer ever sees us.


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Parking Sensors

Parking Sensors

Apart from the obvious safety advantages, financially reverse parking systems will pay for themselves if it prevents you from having just one accident.

Parking Sensors detect obstacles behind you and also in front of you if you wish to aid your parking and enable you to get into those tight spots without damaging your car. Using Ultrasonic technology they emit a cone of sound behind your car which bounces of obstacles behind and returns to the sensor, the time taken for these sound waves to bounce and return off obstructions behind your car is how they calculate the remaining distance behind you.

Typically four sensors will be installed on the rear bumper, these can be color matched to your car.

Distance is then indicated by an audible beep that gets closer together as you approach an obstacle, and or a display fitted to the dashboard.

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Reversing Cameras

Reversing Cameras

At least once every week a child is run over in a driveway.

Modern cars styled with a low nose and high rears are a particular problem.

Australian insurance company NRMA Insurance (owned by IAG) studied the blind spots behind 270 vehicles. Less than one percent received a maximum rating for the visibility of a two-year-old behind the vehicle.

Many popular family-type sedans scored poorly, some not even qualifying for half a star.

What you can do?

You can fit a reversing camera to almost any car. A screen is installed in your dashboard which turns on when you put the car into reverse. They offer premium visibility behind a vehicle and can save lives.

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In-Car Security Cameras


With in-car security becoming more and more of an issue we at Cellular Specialists did our research and have the solution.

We have two in-car security products from Auto View which offer Break through technology. 

These cameras automatically record when you break suddenly or swerve sharply with a panic button for manual override.

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GPS Tracking

Cellular Specialist were recently involved in a nationwide installation of the largest rollout of Lintek GPS based Taxi panic system nationwide!

Lintek's simple asset tracking solutions insures you full control over your valued assets as well as your employees. It is well researched that a company with tracked vehicles improve productivity and efficiency. So whether it’s your scooter rental business or your heavy machineries Lintek will provide the most affordable solutions for your needs. With asset trackers, you can choose certain types of GPS tracking devices that suit you. The basic type sends you a simple Google map link of the location directly to your mobile phone which is perfect for rental companies of all sorts. While the other type gives you full real time tracking showing you the exact location and time of where the asset has been and much more. Of course, at Lintek the GPS tracking devices don’t just track. If you happen to run an ATV or Boating business and one of your products fitted with a GPS device happens to flip over. The device will send a distress signal within a split second to let you know of its gravitational changes. This will insure that you attend the scene as soon as possible if an accident has occurred.


There are many benefits depending on the type of business, but here are some common ones:
  • Keeping your assets safe from being stolen or lost
  • Increase efficiency within the fleet – knowing locations of each vehicle
  • Increase productivity – employee knowing they would be checked on
  • Cost savings on petrol – knowing the nearest service vehicle
  • Improved driving behaviour – Our vehicle trackers can notify you of any speeding offences
  • Improve accuracy on time sheets – with our GeoTrek online platform, logs can be downloaded
  • Attend accidents almost immediately – if a ATV bike flips, time can cost lives
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Batteries, Chargers, Data Cards, Cases, Pouches, we have it all!

Check out the products page to see our full range of mobile phone accessories.

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Signal Amplifiers and High Gain Antennas

Work or live out of cell phone coverage?

Whether you’re looking to improve reception quality in your marine or general vehicle, or in a building, we have the solution for you.

Signal Amplifiers and High Gain Antennas
Mobile Amplifiers

When on the road, use a Wilson mobile amplifier to extend signal range, reduce dropped calls, improve signal quality and increase data rates.

Home/Office Amplifiers

At home and the office, use a Wilson in-building amplifier to improve voice and data signal quality and increase data communication rates.

Mobile and Building Antennas

Combined with an amplifier, Wilson antennas increase cellular signal range and improve signal quality in both mobile and in-building applications.

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GPS navigation

Still lugging around cumbersome maps?

With In-car GPS Navigation systems becoming rapidly more affordable, maps are a thing of the past.

Ask about our hardwired option where the charging cable for the GPS unit is unseen behind the dashboard for a professional look.

See the products page for more details.

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Q & A

Q. Why do I need a Hands Free Car Kit?

A. well, it is obvious you have not had the pleasure of using one! A good Car Kit will provide you with comfortable and easy way to have phone conversations with your customers, collegues or friends! With superior quality and ease of use, you will be able to enjoy long conversations safely while driving, or even while parked - without having to hold the phone to your ear!

Q. How much does an installed Hands free Car Kit cost?

A. Installed hands free Car Kit starts from as low as $300 + gst to provide you with the convenience of a superb audio quality and convenience of having a productive call in your car - Do not miss those opportunities! We have soultions for all instances - call us now for details! 

Q. How long does it take to install a hands free system?

A. We allow up to 2 hours for a Standard installation. We offer a mobile service and can arrange to visit your home or office, saving you time and money.


Q. What is a “Hands Free car kit”?

A. With Hands Free Car Kits, you can use your cell phone in your car without taking your hands off the wheel, or your eyes  off the road. These days they predominantly use bluetooth (a wireless connection) to pair with your phone. Click here for services page to learn more.